Wednesday, December 31, 2008

another year, another drink

happy 2009 from me! oh, and john, paul, george and ringo.

5 comments: said...

John and George are pretty sexy... I like that johns head is one shape.

Ben Forbes said...

I love this blog, it rocks!
Ps, Zooey Sings! in a band/duo called She and Him and in another band for the movie Yes, Man! called Munchausen By Proxy. She is gorgeous!

Ciao Nico!

Trevor Thompson said...

Cheers, Nico!

BTW, do you have Zooey's album? All that, AND the girl writes and produces her own tunes. Good tunes at that!

Zooey For President!!!

- trevor.

kurdt said...

Zooey, The Beatles, and Buster = the coolest blog ever! Cheers for the new year!

Nico said...

oh man, if what's here so far makes you happy then you ain't seen nothin' yet. this blog's just getting started!