Monday, January 26, 2009

the adorable amy adams

one of the loveliest and most talented of today's actresses. i first discovered her in disney's enchanted about a year ago and was just blown away. funny, beautiful, and so charming.

also check out junebug, in which she completely steals the show (as a supporting character, no less!). and the upcoming indie sunshine cleaning looks fun as well.

i'll pretty much catch her in anything at this point, for i am in looove.


Molly said...

She's so pretty. I wish I had red hair.

I want to see Doubt really bad! Maybe we can have an Amy love fest and go see it.

Nico said...

i'm so down! i love movie nightz with molly :)

Ben Forbes said...

I love her! She stole my heart in Enchanted as well! I am so tempted to buy the DVD.

I actually just rented Junebug! Like, i'm going to watch it within the hour! I'm so excited!

PS: Doubt was very good. Meryl Streep is a fierce woman.

Jessica said...

Yeah she is pretty and all, but when will you blog about how attractive and awesome I am?!

p.s. I am kidding. I would totally die.