Friday, January 9, 2009

hi, heather. good morning, heather. hello, heather.

check out heathers if you haven't already, one of my favorite movies of all time! starring the beautiful winona ryder.

it is truly fascinating that only 20 years ago, there was a time in america when a teen movie like this could be made. murder, mayhem, psycho dramatics, blowing shit up... and it's a comedy. it has it all!

oh, and shoulder pads! pleeease leave us not forget shoulder pads.


kurdt said...

Ms. Ryder looks absolutely stunning in that second picture! I wish she was still in more movies, what happened to her?

Molly said...

She shoplifted and got kind of nutty, I guess.

I love watching her in movies and just marveling at how beautiful she is. Heathers is no exception.

And a final note, fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

Ben Forbes said...

This movie is... amazing. I think I might buy it tomorrow!

Thank you for another great blog post!

Nico said...

she shoplifted, got completely bombarded with negative attention for it, and that's what i think made her kind of nutty.
even though what she did was wrong, i really hate when cool celebs are ruined thanks to hollywood gossip/coverage shows.

in other news- molly, i told you to keep our private pillow talks away from my blog!

kurdt said...

Yeah, I try not to follow celeb gossip crap. I think its very funny though when one is in line at the grocery store and theres a magazine with pictures of celebrities eating food and walking their dogs. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would care.