Thursday, March 19, 2009

1963 - 2009

a special thursday post today, for actress natasha richardson's untimely death a mere five hours ago. suffering a serious head injury from a skiing accident on monday, she was removed from life support wednesday night. so very tragic. :(

rest in peace, natasha.


Ben said...

This is such sad news.
She really was a classic woman
She was fun in Parent Trap and Maid in Manhattan. She was marvelous in Evening too.

She wasn't the actress who was in the tabloids for doing bad things. She Will be missed :( RIP

Molly said...

I'm so bummed about this. I hope Liam Neeson and their children will be all right.

This has definitely taught me to wear a helmet if I ever go skiing.

Whit said...

One thing author Christopher Isherwood complained about in Liza Minelli's interpretation of Sally Bowles was that she was way too polished a performer to be that character. Had Sally been as slick as Liza in the film "Cabaret", remarked Isherwood, "she'd have been the toast of Europe." Natasha Richardson nailed the character of Bowles in her version, intentionally choosing off-key notes and such, to get the desperation and sadness inherent in that being. Imagine what Richardson might have done in the time she should have had.