Tuesday, July 21, 2009


just saw this movie the other night, starring the mascot this very own blog, zooey deschanel! it is one of my new favorite movies. so happy, emotional, interesting, unpredictable, and flawless. breaks all the rules of hollywood romances. it's about time someone had the guts to dare to be different. enough of me talking, just go and see it!!!

in celebration, heeeeeeere's zooey!


Tinker Ramone said...

I have been researching this movie for months now. I am going to see it later this week. So very excited. :) I am not sure if the Sid and Nancy bit I saw online is actually in the movie or just a viral video of its own. But Zooey dressed as and talking like Sid Vicious is something not to miss. If you haven't witnessed it, do! :)

You always find the greatest photos of her. :)

Nico said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!! no, it's just an internet video all on its own, and it's not in the movie at all! i just googled it and watched it, that is soooo funny! hahahaha!! thanks for pointing me to that, tinker!

Tinker Ramone said...

It made me love Zooey even more! hah. Glad I could share it with you. :)